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Lorenzo is an inexhaustible creator who works with ceramics with works, furnishings, accessories and lighting.

He made his debut as a multidisciplinary artist with the use of various materials and experiments but worked clay remains his medium par excellence.

Lorenzo Zanovello

they are where the ceramics are



It was born from Lorenzo's desire to continue reinventing himself by freely intertwining art and design.

In this project each piece will continuously increase this volume which will become an abstract union of ideas in progress

Italian ceramic artist

italian ceramist artist

artist, ceramist, Italian Nove, Bassano

artist, ceramist, italy

italian ceramist

ceramic artist Nove Bassano

Nove Italian ceramic artist

maestro artigiano italiano

maestro ceramista italiano

artist, ceramic, Nove, Veneto, Italy

artist, ceramist, italian

Céramique, lamp, design

italian designer

ceramica fragile
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