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Limited editions and ceramic productions.

Mainly I like to create the first piece, then the original, sometimes I try small editions but my main job is to create new ceramic collections and I do it for various companies all over the world, so I make the first piece to be then reproduced in series.

All my pieces reproduced in series are made by the master potters of Stylnove who with the same love recreate a sweet ceramic finely worked by hand piece by piece.


SUMMA | shelf


its essential, geometric shape, a circle inscribed in a square, with a large proportionate edge, versatile and modular, can furnish an environment in an architectural way 

the ceramic used is soft and sweet earthenware, the color is PICTA, personally I like it when an object is simple to bring it to life with 


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PICTA color

wall shelf

height 8 cm
width 38 cm
depth 38 cm

price on request ask for information

delivery time: 6 to 8 weeks for PICTA color to be agreed  for  different productions or colors.

price in PICTA color € 200.00 per piece