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Sounding functional sculptures

Ceramic diffuses clear, crystalline and powerful acoustics.

The ceramiSonus system works wirelessly so you can put it where you are most excited or if you listen to music for 24 hours without stopping we recommend the cable or take a break for 4 hours until it recharges completely so you can also rest your ears. Everything works in Bluetooth.

Place it wherever you want and the sculpture comes to life.


An excellent speaker, distinct bass and absolute power. But if you want more It can be paired In dual mode Both speakers play the same audio. OR In stereo mode One ceramicSonus diffuses the sound on the right channel, while the other on the left channel. In wireless mode at maximum power it lasts 15 hours.

speaker art and design

You can also talk on the phone but that's a shame. And if we want to be honest, you could throw the opera into the water and listen to the ocean sound or during a snowstorm at -20 C listen to good music and dance so you don't freeze.

 ( audio originale )


born from Bauhaus inspiration.

A creature that emanates a  colorful and fire-glazed sound.

altoparlante ceramica

speaker art

speaker design

ceramicSonus BUBO art sound


Contemporary A creature that emanates a colorful and fire-enamelled sound.

MOUU ceramicSonus



Un individuo dal sorriso a denti stretti che emana un  suono colorato e smaltato a fuoco.


Autore : Lorenzo Zanovello

Materiale : ceramica ( termine generale )



COMING SOON...............

ceramica fragile
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