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All the pieces are created by me, there are the unique works, the limited editions and then the large productions.

From concept to design to the first finished piece then?

Then it depends, the unique works and the editions are entirely shaped in all its phases by me, as regards the productions from the concept to the design up to the first finished piece, do I do everything myself, then?

Then to reproduce them in series there are the master potters of Stylnove who with the same love recreate a sweet ceramic finely worked by hand piece by piece.

chouchou for PULPO



From the idea to the realization, in the middle there is a lot of passion.

This is a project that I wanted to carry out and follow without a precise outline.

The primary stimulus is clay, I like to shape it, exasperate it and respect it.

I would not like to do anything more in life than this, the good fortune of being a ceramicist by profession, creating something new every day, an object, a color, a collection and then shaping it up to its debut is always a surprise.


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